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Capital requirements

For your growth.For your expansion. For your capital development.

I have a large number of contacts 

which also benefits your company. 

As a specialist, I support you in strengthening your equity by bundling various capital measures.

I call this smart capital modeling. Financing in general and mezzanine capital in particular is an efficient lever that significantly expands the scope of your business. This financing model enables you to carry out several projects simultaneously, to generate more sales or to keep the war chest liquid, as well as to develop your private capital.


Nowadays banks finance planned investments with higher demand than supply. 

Regulation, however, means that banks are demanding an ever higher equity ratio from the project executing agency. If you work on several projects at the same time, the equity requirement increases considerably and there is often a financing gap.


In your interest, I ensure competition, differentiate between the large number of banks,

and find the optimal combination of offers tailored to your project. 


Use my special financing driver: 

Mezzanine capital to increase your equity ratio. 

I will generate capital for you from the following sources:

Corporate shareholdings

the market for mergers & acquisitions

The market for mergers & acquisitions (in German, merger of companies and acquisition of company shares) has a volume of around 200 billion euros every year in Germany alone. Thanks to many years of experience and first-class networks, I can optimally advise and support you in planning, structuring and corporate and growth financing.

I have proven industry expertise, primarily in the area of financial services and especially in independent, owner-managed sales. In addition to the classic M&A business, I can also offer you “unconventional” concepts for raising capital – even without extensive due diligence.

Shareholdings in your company are possible without losing your independence and without you retaining the management role in the operational business. With attractive front payments and success-dependent follow-up investments, I offer you tailor-made concepts for new growth and new momentum in your company. You even have the option to "buy back" the shareholding at any time.

Corporate acquisitions

New momentum through growth

If you want to get bigger, you have to grow. This simple logic can be fully transferred to the economy. Companies can only remain successful in the long term if they grow and change.

Through organic growth, your company grows through internal expansions, for example through the establishment of a new business field or the hiring of new employees as a revenue-generating factor.

Organic growth takes time and must be orderly so that it can become sustainable growth.

A faster way is to grow through acquisitions. Companies or parts of companies are bought by competitors and integrated into their own organization.

The use of synergy potentials or the acquisition of market shares are proving to be the driving force.

On the other hand, it can be a good idea to dispose of areas of the company that are unprofitable or no longer fit into the company's strategy. This can also trigger new growth impulses.

I am your competent partner in all matters relating to company acquisitions and sales.

I also support you in the search and selection of investors.


That my network is in great demand is made clear by the request I received from a renowned law firm.

Thomas Münzel

Download my virtual business card and contact me directly.

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From the first contact to the launch: read here how our success unfolds.

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Cooperation partner


Together with our partner, CYRAMID AG from Wotersen, we complement our service portfolio in the areas of corporate strategy, corporate succession and corporate acquisitions. 


CYRAMID AG has an extensive network of medium-sized companies and large international private equity companies as well as institutional investors such as pension funds and foundations.

We offer the following services:

  • Strategic assessment of competitive advantages

  • Evaluation of the asset class

  • Review, formulation and implementation of the corporate strategy

  • Activation of creative potential in the company and strategy-relevant use

  • Identification and implementation of suitable communication measures

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