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Renewable energy

Renewable energy


I would like to briefly describe my business model here so that you can check how you can best succeed with me.

Either as a roof lessor, capital investor, because you want to use one of your open spaces in an economically optimal way, or because you as a company want to produce and use cheap electricity.

I walk the path together with you.

I lease large roof areas (commercial, industrial, agricultural), build turnkey photovoltaic systems (solar power plants) and offer them for sale parceled out to German buyers / investors via financial service providers. The buyer / investor becomes the operator of the system and can write off 100% for tax purposes. 


The comparatively high yields of around 5 to 6 percent of the new-build systems result from the precisely planned occupancy of the areas with high-performance modules. It goes without saying that my concept includes all the safeguards that the legislature has established with the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). First-class partners, established concept, sophisticated technology, high depreciation such as the investment allowance (IAB).

Please feel free to call me for a short information session to clarify what your options are.

Thomas Münzel

Download my virtual business card and contact me directly.

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From the first contact to the launch: read here how our success unfolds.

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Home of Solar GmbH

Renewable energies are very important to me. 

Out of a sense of conviction, I put together a team and founded the company Hadi Teherani Solar GmbH.


Solar energy is as safe as our planetary system.

As long as the sun is shining, high yields are guaranteed.


Those who trust in the power of the sun are investing in the environment - and in their own wallet.

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