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Hadi Teherani Solar GmbH

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Architect and renewable energy pioneer Hadi Teherani launches Hadi Teherani Solar for sustainable photovoltaic projects and investments.

Hamburg, October 2020 – The solar industry is facing the biggest boom of all time. In 2030, 65 percent of electricity consumption in Germany should come from renewable energies – a large part of it from solar energy. The Hadi Teherani Group ( has been dealing with energy efficiency and photovoltaics for more than 25 years. In line with the sustainability and solar trend, Hadi Teherani Solar GmbH has now been founded in Hamburg (

“As architects, we harmonize creative design with the highest possible efficiency. This also includes the aesthetic and functional integration of photovoltaics into the building. Thanks to more than 25 years of experience, our concepts are closely linked to social developments in terms of environmental protection and green energies. For us, photovoltaics is not only a valuable source of energy, but also a contribution to protecting the environment. Solar energy alone could cover twice the world's current energy needs," says star architect Hadi Teherani, explaining the background to the company's founding in the solar sector.


Experienced management from architecture, investment and engineering


The innovative company is committed to comprehensive sustainability and economic efficiency. Hadi Teherani Solar offers a complete all-round service and implements photovoltaic projects worry-free for the client. From planning to grid connection, in other words. This is possible because the solar company spun off from the Hadi Teherani Group is led by an interdisciplinary and very experienced management team. Founder and partner Hadi Teherani is an architect, designer and visionary. He emphasizes: “Sustainability has always been important to me. I dealt early on with how to save energy. Due to the ambitious climate goals of the federal government, the Renewable Energy Sources Act and the numerous environmental and climate protection initiatives such as 'Friday for Future,' it made sense to focus on the important and complex topic of photovoltaics with our own specialized company.”


As a strategist, developer and communicator, Managing Director Thomas Münzel is responsible for sales, marketing and investment. The management consultant has brokered and accompanied investments, company acquisitions / mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and the associated capital procurement since 1993. The Hamburg businessman, who is also well connected internationally, has special expertise and a "proven track record" in the areas of financial services, real estate and energy. “At Hadi Teherani Solar we have found an economical and ecological way of securely and sustainably investing capital – regardless of what the future brings. This concept, which is convincing in every respect, now has to be made public so that everyone can benefit from it,” explains Thomas Münzel.


Managing Director Payam Hazin is a mechanical engineer and inventor, coordinator and innovator and at Hadi Teherani Solar, responsible for the areas of technology, project development and management as well as international affairs. The engineer has many years of experience in the implementation and worldwide sales of large-scale photovoltaic systems. “When it comes to solar systems, we in Germany are still at the very beginning of what is conceivable and feasible. The ecological and economic potential of solar energy has yet to be developed in Germany. But there is no getting around that because of the climate targets,” said the resident of Hamburg.


Through the participation of Proinvesta GmbH Asset & Wealth Management (, Hadi Teherani Solar also succeeded in integrating a financially strong and implementation-experienced partner with its nationwide general contractor network, which has been built up and tested over many years. "As a global provider of energy solutions, we are shaping the future of energy supply together with our customers and partners," says Proinvesta Managing Director Marc Baeriswyl.


Conception, planning and implementation of solar projects from a single source

In many projects, the HADI TEHERANI Group has already designed individually manufactured photovoltaic solutions for creative building integration. The Tobias Grau office and production building in Rellingen has already been built, the innovation park “Innovationsbogen” office building in Augsburg is in the planning phase.


“We not only build traditional solar power plants, but also integrate innovative solar panels into the symmetry of building facades. With a modern design, environmentally friendly and energy self-sufficient. We are designers of the living environment: Our projects are integrated and sustainable. We do business in an environmentally and resource-friendly manner, rely on fairness and an honest, transparent business policy. With Hadi Teherani Solar we can now design and implement photovoltaic projects and investments of all kinds,” emphasizes Hadi Teherani. However, the innovative architect and energy efficiency pioneer is often still ahead of his time and persuasive concepts of integrated solar buildings such as "The Oyster" hotel and residential building in Abu Dhabi or "The Loop" office tower Superbogen in Copenhagen are ultimately unbuilt.

Solar investments for capital investors: safe, lucrative and sustainable thanks to the EEG

The expansion of renewable energies is a central pillar of energy transition in Germany. In this context, a successful instrument for promoting electricity from renewable energies was designed: the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). It first came into force in 2000 and has been continuously developed since then. Most recently in September 2020 with an EEG amendment, with which the legal framework for CO2-free electricity generation by 2050 was resolved. The aim of the EEG is to convert the energy supply and increase the share of renewable energies in the power supply by 2050 to at least 80 percent. But since the energy transition cannot be financed from taxpayers' money alone, the legislature is also creating incentives for private investors. That is why investors should seize the opportunity and benefit from the energy transition by making a long-term direct investment in photovoltaic systems. Thanks to the EEG, the return is very high – guaranteed by the state. German energy supply companies are legally obliged to purchase green electricity with a guaranteed remuneration per kilowatt hour for 20 years. Those who secure their own “solar pension” are promoting climate protection and investing their money profitably. Returns of four to six percent as well as great tax advantages are the basis of participation in a photovoltaic system. Leasing your own roof areas is a lucrative and environmentally friendly way of generating energy and money from the sun. With their personal contribution to the energy transition, consumers become electricity producers and investors – comprehensively and sustainably, entirely in accordance with the vision and conviction of Hadi Teherani.




Hadi Teherani Solar GmbH

Elbberg 1 in 22767 Hamburg


+49 (0) 40 36 93 40 40

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