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Ads & Teleshopping

I put your products or your company on television


With the placement of your own TV commercial on television, I am offering you a new and attractive opportunity to market your products and services. At the same time, I am opening up a sales channel for you with which you can reach up to six million potential customers every day. An offer that is of great interest, especially among banks, insurance companies, mail order companies and other service companies.

In an all-in-one solution, I offer you a self-contained overall package, which ranges from the conception of the spot to production, placement and the purchase of broadcast minutes for up to 20 television channels.


The acceptance of the application and the processing remain in the hands of the respective product provider, with a commission on the products sold after the spots have been broadcast. In my opinion, division of labor par excellence.

An important prerequisite for your success in teleshopping is a well-designed spot that appeals to a high degree of audience interest. My clients receive a modular spot of varying lengths, ranging from 30 seconds to 89 seconds. In addition, regular commercials of 15 minutes in length can be produced.

The marketing of goods and services via the mass channel of television is becoming increasingly important.

I offer a very lucrative model on a commission basis. Through my excellent relationships with a wide variety of broadcasters at the regional, state and national level (approximately 20 stations with a combined average daily audience of 6 million), the spots are placed with audience appeal, reaching millions of people that a team of consultants would not be able to reach in this way.


The costs for planning, conception, storyboarding and production are between 35,000 EUR and 45,000 EUR.

The channels are paid for by me, I am paid by the commissions for deals made.

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